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In 2016, the province's highway system excavators and loaders vocational skills competition closed


September 26 to 27, the province's highway system excavators, loaders vocational skills competition held in Longyan area. The competition by the provincial Department of Transportation, the provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the provincial human resources and Social Security jointly sponsored. From the 10 cities in the province (including Pingtan City Experimental Highway Bureau) jointly compete for groups and individual competition awards.

Competition theory assessment and skills competition in two major, of which 30% of the theoretical test scores, skills accounted for 70%, skills competition covers excavator operations, loader operation projects, including quick loading and unloading, crossing obstacles, precision operation, hanging tires, precise Loading, parking and other storage.

After fierce competition, Zhangzhou City Highway Bureau Huangjun Cheng, Xiamen City Highway Bureau Liu Shui-shu, Quanzhou Highway Bureau Chen Shifu received the top three individual points. Nanping City Highway Bureau, Longyan City Highway Bureau, Zhangzhou City Highway Bureau in turn received the top three groups.

It is reported that the competition as a provincial-level competitions, access to personal finals and engaged in the first place for more than 3 years of the contestants, according to the procedure to the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions declare "Fujian Provincial Labor Medal" won the finals Top 3 players awarded by the Fujian Province Federation of Trade Unions "gold medal workers" honorary title; each type of work (project) personal competition scores of the top 10 contestants were awarded by the provincial transport industry trade union "Fujian Province transport industry road maintenance posts Expert "title; team competition won the first team by the provincial Federation of Trade Unions named" Fujian workers Pioneer "rdquo ;.