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China heavy truck snow car: Warriors in the snow night devotees


November 29, Harbin, night, heavy snow gradually, floating goose feathers, snow Xu dense, not long Bingcheng skin white, shiny shiny, beautiful picturesque. Own Chairman's inscription: "Northland scenery, thousands of miles frozen, thousands of miles snow floating", used to describe the time of the East Paris, the most appropriate. But although the scenery is beautiful, people want to travel, the city to run, the road naturally unobstructed. Therefore, at night, the roar of the engine sounded on the road, which is the roar of China Heavy Duty Truck HOWO heavy truck snow removal vehicle.

Snow removal vehicles for the HOWO 6 4 Dump Truck, is the leading brand in the dumping industry for many years. Equipped with the HW76 or HW70 cab, the atmospheric shape is painted with a new reddish color, such as the blazing fire in white snow, the highest safety factor and comfortable driving environment to provide the driver with the maximum reliance. D10 engine is mature and reliable, after years of market testing has been widely recognized by users, strong power for snow removal to provide the maximum output. Internationally recognized high-quality chassis durable and can be adapted to high-intensity long hours of operation, to ensure that people stop working snow removal, to ensure that the snow removal efficiency, so that Kazakhstan traffic flow in the early morning the next morning.

 In the entire Heilongjiang region, almost all of the vehicles that undertake snow removal work are HOWO dump trucks of China National Heavy Duty Truck. The fiery color occupies the snow-removing truck market of Heilongjiang Province and forms a beautiful landscape in the winter snow day! Roadside stalls boss said with emotion: "These cars did a night, for a while did not stop, otherwise we have paralyzed the traffic! & rdquo;

HOWO brand since its birth, they have been doing for the country's construction and maintenance of their own contribution. In the coal mining industry in Heilongjiang, the real estate industry and winter snow removal scene, everywhere is the Chinese Sinotruk HOWO figure in every corner of the motherland, HOWO dump truck also use its powerful voice to prove the strength of China National Heavy Duty Truck, for national construction and Development of silent dedication. (This article comes from China Heavy Duty Truck) will be named "Fujian workers Pioneer".