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Hangzhou Zhanxiong Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Meisen Woodworking Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in December 2006) is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and R & D of production efficiency, automated assembly line, robots and manipulators. Company production, research and development and sales in one.

 Since the establishment of the company, its main technical staff are from well-known furniture companies, with good practical experience and import woodworking machinery expertise, the development process of our talent training in the first place, has organized technical staff to Germany HOMAG factory, and subordinates HOLZMA factory, WEEKE factory, LIGMATECH factory, BURKLE factory, IMA factory, Italy SCM factory inspection study, the famous German furniture manufacturing Formaplan furniture, Erwin Gronemeier GmbH furniture companies to study; to the famous Japanese furniture manufacturing PLUS factory for training, to Japan's Toyota TPS (Lean Manufacturing) training. For the domestic furniture industry leader Red Apple, the United States, Jian Wei, the United States grams of the United States, all friends, Pearl of the Pearl, the European camp, Blue Jays and other enterprises to conduct regular visits to exchange visits and exchanges. This is our product positioning, played a key role.

In June 2016, we cooperated with ABB, the largest manufacturer of robots in the world's top 500 robots, in the all-round cooperation in the field of robot woodworking logistics industry, marking a new milestone for Zhanxiong Woodworking Machinery Company. Our company adheres to the philosophy of "Scientific Development Concept of "hard work", followed by "industrial 4.0" the pace of the times, the research and development of products on the first place, based on manufacturing, in the original "Hangzhou Zhanxiong Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd." & rdquo ; On the basis of the introduction of foreign resources has formed a "Hangzhou Zhanxiong Technology Co., Ltd.", "Hangzhou Lai Feng Technology Co., Ltd." and several other companies, the "automation equipment research and development", "Automated Environmental Protection Product development and sales ", by virtue of our familiarity with the furniture manufacturing process, output to customers" technical advice and program support "and" based on the study of intelligent robot logistics "& rdquo; Is the same as our slogan: "From the focus on efficiency", will focus on boutique, in order to better adapt to the market, customer service!