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Looking at the Development Trend of Construction Machinery from Domestic and Foreign Environments


According to industry analysts, construction machinery industry is experiencing serious overcapacity, sluggish market demand, sharp decline in profits and other "deep adjustment period" test. In the long run, construction machinery will be mainly driven by population and economic growth in two aspects: indicators, long-term potential indicators of construction machinery to see the rate of urbanization. The rate of urbanization in China has just exceeded 55%. From the experience of developed countries, the rate of urbanization in a country is as high as 75% to 80%. It just ended the process of large-scale construction. At present, the urbanization rate in China has increased by about 1% each year. Based on this, it is estimated that China's construction machinery still faces an increase of about 20 years. The domestic construction machinery industry is more affected by cyclicality, to inventory still need some time.

So, the environment at home and abroad have any impact on construction machinery?

The war of transition: Made in China will usher in gold for five years

On May 28, 2016, at the "Great Rendezvous for Made in China" class, Wu Xiaobo pointed out that with the Internet tools, new craftsmanship and capital operation, China's manufacturing industry will achieve the transformation and upgrading. In the next five years It will be five years of gold made in China. And in this transition class, you will often hear such stories, but also seems to confirm the arrival of gold five years: a foreign trade OEM business spent five years made a headset, not only Was named "Innovative Product of the Year" by The Wall Street Journal and also entered into Apple's stores; a retail industry achieved billions of dollars in sales last year through innovation; a garment company is building flexible production lines that include Ma, Liu Chuanzhi and other customized clothing

For the transformation and upgrading made in China, civil efforts to promote more top-level design of the country push. On May 8, 2015, the State Council formally issued "Made in China 2025", a program of action for the Chinese government in implementing the first decade of manufacturing power strategy. A year later, the General Office of the State Council also issued a number of opinions on "carrying out special campaigns to create a favorable market environment for consumer products." They proposed that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council should implement the guidelines on promoting supply-side structural reforms and promoting steady industrial growth Adjusting the benefits of structural adjustment and the decision-making and deployment of building a powerful nation will better meet and create consumer demand, continuously enhance the fundamental role of consumption in stimulating the economy and promote the consumer goods industry towards the middle and high end.

Industry 4.0 will increase China's productivity by 25%

In the "13th Five-Year Plan" formulated by the Chinese government, the Industrial 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" strategy are among the top priorities. Two recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reports show that using new Industry 4.0 technology will increase the productivity of Chinese companies by 25%, thereby creating an additional 6 trillion yuan in added value and affecting millions of employees work.